EBS- Electron Brush Studio


Founded in 2014 in Edmonton, the capital city of the Canadian province of Alberta, EBS Ltd. is a nanotechnology company that is commercializing its patented, paint-free coloring technologies for production of multicolored metal surfaces.  Thanks to our dedicated and highly specialized team, we have begun to create beautiful artworks on titanium.

D3NTJ6M11TTITANIUM  Titanium is a lustrous silver-colored, strong, light, and highly corrosion-resistant trasition metal. Because of its remarkable chemical, mechanical, and physical qualities, titanium has been a valuable material of choice for the watch-making, biomedical, military, and aerospace industries. EBS creates very unique graphic works of art without using colorant such as paint. Colors result from the effect of a thin layer on the titanium surface interfering with wavelengths of the incident light. Modifying this thin layer, which is transparent and hard, with a thickness ranging from 15 to 200 nanometers is a delicate operation.

♦ EBS Ltd uses several different grades of titanium including Grade 2, Grade 5, Grade 7, and Grade 38 for  a broad array of applications.

♦ Distinctive features of EBS titanium artworks: high corrosion-resistance, permanent UV-proof colors, washable surface, and improved surface scratch-resistance. 

 D3NTJ6M12TTHE BRUSH  We make really small structures on the metal surface with “brushes”.  Our brushes include light, heat, electricity, and, surprisingly, a traditional paint brush because it is preferred by some of our artists.  These structures are tiny and invisible to the naked eye so the surface remains flat and smooth.  In our “bottom-up” approaches we build the structures brick by brick from the bottom; in our “top-down” approaches the structures are carved out by starting at the roof.

“When I was working as a scientist, the experimental conditions such as pressure, concentration, temperature, and time were the enemy and I had to fight against them to make things work; interestingly my old enemies have become our friends when we create art.  It is amazing that we can use chemical reactions to express our feelings in the artwork.” -Dr. X. Zhang, EBS Founder and President