Robert Bateman

Robert Bateman is one of the worlds most celebrated wildlife artists and naturalists. His expertise is evident not only in the creation of inspirational works of art, but also in his leadership and contribution to the field of sustainability and raising awareness around environmental topics such as ecology, biodiversity, vanishing habitats and endangered species.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1930, Robert Bateman was an avid naturalist and artist from his youth. He observed and painted wildlife and the natural world in a figuratively until his teens when he began to interpret nature using contemporary approaches such as post-impressionism and abstract expressionism. Bateman rededicated his work to realism in the early 1960’s and began to develop a signature style that would make him one of the foremost nature and wildlife artists worldwide. In the 1970’s and early 1980’s, his work began to receive critical acclaim and to attract an enormous following.

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